Is It Simplifying or Is It Embracing The Largeness Of Life

It occurs to me that the navigation of this complex life and the promise of serenity if I truly succeed is not a matter of “simplifying my life”, as I read so often. I suppose I could say “no” more often, leave my woods and home and downsize to a condo, sell most of my earthly belongings, and even be happy spending the majority of each day in meditation.

But growth conjures up the idea of increasing, not decreasing. It seems my process is more about becoming a larger personality…one that can encompass the sizable responsibility I’ve willingly taken on in my that accepts the uncertainty of my future…and one that embraces the risks presented to me as opportunity. And although the word fearless comes to mind as a necessary ingredient for this mission and I know it’s appropriate, surrender may be the spiritual concept I’m trying to come to terms with here.

About Carolinda

A provocateur of wellness and seeker of wisdom, I appreciate levity and simplicity in an artistic life, frugality but with requisite fun, and the freedom to pursue adventure. Blogging here since 2007.. or so...
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