In Meditation, 6 Rules About No Rules

So it’s been almost 19 years that I’ve been meditating, and I’m still in my closet. Literally folks. When I went searching for a place that was quiet, felt safe, had a door to hide away from the chaos of the kids and family, bingo! This was a no-brainer. And over the years, I’ve tried to acclimate to a ‘proper’ meditation spot, but nothing else fits the bill.

Now it’s true that this closet may be larger than your average, but it’s not huge, and I do have to work at keeping it vacuumed and de-cluttered to accommodate the peaceful environment I want. But the real point people, is that there are no rules here.

  • Don’t wait till you have the perfect alter or proper cushion, just begin
  • There are seldom days you’ll have the ‘right’ amount of time to devote to your practice, so decide that even 5 minutes is enough time
  • If you get interrupted, so what?
  • Just sit- it’s simple but we try to complicate it
  • If the dog or the rabbit or the baby join you, that’s OK
  • You don’t need special clothes, a special time, the ‘right’ attitude, the perfect place- do it!

There’s a saying “anyone can meditate in a cave”. In other words, if the environment was perfect, we could all be enlightened. But this is earth and we are humans. Life isn’t perfect and shit happens. That’s why it’s called a practice. Perfection is not the goal.

About Carolinda

A provocateur of wellness and seeker of wisdom, I appreciate levity and simplicity in an artistic life, frugality but with requisite fun, and the freedom to pursue adventure. Blogging here since 2007.. or so...
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