Break Away From the Crowd / Get In Front of Your Small Thinking

imagesI’ve done this test before, but now that I’m, um.. mature, I’m getting serious. I’m no longer using the secret just for small things like finding bangle bracelets at the Goodwill or programming a parking spot downtown. No more screwing around!! I’m thinking big from here on out. Because I know it works!

There’s a reason I started small. The time I set the goal for a sabbatical in 10 years and both my husband and I were out of jobs 10 years later! Folks, this shit doesn’t mess around – it’s for real! If you haven’t been trying it, give it a go. During my divorce, I was the wealthiest I’d been in 20 years (see Leaving the Narcissist Before Life Leaves You Behind) simply by using the laws of prosperity. Susie Orman says that you can see people’s ill health in their money and cash flow problems first because money has nowhere to hide an energy imbalance. WOW!

I’ve tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to make myself small to fit inside other people’s boxes. I try to keep my opinion to myself, my mouth shut, my beauty hidden, my intellect quiet, but it never works. So forget  trying to fit my larger self into a smaller box. Both men I’ve been married to claim/claimed to love and support me but every big idea has been met with serious trepidation so I’m keeping these ideas to myself from now on until it’s too late to turn back. If small thinking is working for everyone else- great-have at it. I’m moving on.

About Carolinda

A provocateur of wellness and seeker of wisdom, I appreciate levity and simplicity in an artistic life, frugality but with requisite fun, and the freedom to pursue adventure. Blogging here since 2007.. or so...
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