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During these times of great uncertainty and radical change, people everywhere are struggling. The shifting landscape demands that we remain centered and balanced, all the while embracing what we need to change within ourselves. When faced with great challenges, we … Continue reading

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Finding Enlightenment in the Age of WalMart Organics

…the name of my book no doubt, and the story of my life. I live in a 3rd ring suburb of Minneapolis US, where hanging laundry on the line, and shopping for organics is….we’ll say…out of the ordinary. My home is on … Continue reading

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The Accidental Dance Teacher

Honestly, I worry about the continuance of dance as an art form in this country, about the ignorance of adults who pay for training from unqualified instructors, and the sight of small children on stage shaking their bodies in midriffs and … Continue reading

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"my friends, the enemy…"

..a famous quote by the Dali Lama, referring to the oppressor of the Tibetan people, the Chinese government. The point at hand, of course, is that our teachers often present themselves in the most unlikely forms. Sometimes it’s with a … Continue reading

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