Those of us who actually follow the news in this country know, in the US anyway, it’s become politically convenient to tell your less educated constituents that this is simply liberal propaganda, just like over population. See how convenient it is to not pay local income tax that funds the public schools that educates ALL Americans so that they can figure out what’s going on for themselves. Far better to allow them to be practically illiterate and get all of their information at the fundamentalist church down the street. The minister will tell you exactly what to think, how to vote, and where to spend your money.

Elsewhere, see, I’ve expressed frustration about people who take advantage for their own personal gain. And I realize opportunists are everywhere. What I really don’t understand is how anyone who claims to have a direct line to the Divine would not worship the environment. If there is anything on earth that is sacred other than life itself, it would have to be the other creation nature. But here again, I am trying to apply logic to something dysfunctional, and if I learned anything dealing with addicts and dysfunction, it’s don’t go there.

So in an age when our 6 year olds cannot identify common vegetables…really.. watch it here, we better all care about climate change, religious zealots with serious agenda issues, and of course, protecting what’s left of our precious environment.

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