…by an astrologer, this morning, no kidding! Ecstatic! (Tho folks, I’ve put time into this spirituality search like you but more now that I’m pushing ‘the new 40’ wink~~~ hmm.) But all the intuitions I’ve had in my life were being spoken back to me in a google hang-out by a young astrologer living in Sweden, originally from South Africa. It was a great morning!!!!!

Evolutionary Astrology…I was ready for you and so happy to meet you at to move beyond some constraints in this iteration and move onto the fascinating search to see where we’re going, right? After years of fog I dare say I see a light. thank you, thank you. I’m typing here today saying that if you’re overwhelmed or in a fog, visit the talented Simon.

Listening to Chaney / Polica’s Dark Star – 2014 is looking stellar!


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Break Away From the Crowd / Get In Front of Your Small Thinking

imagesI’ve done this test before, but now that I’m, um.. mature, I’m getting serious. I’m no longer using the secret just for small things like finding bangle bracelets at the Goodwill or programming a parking spot downtown. No more screwing around!! I’m thinking big from here on out. Because I know it works!

There’s a reason I started small. The time I set the goal for a sabbatical in 10 years and both my husband and I were out of jobs 10 years later! Folks, this shit doesn’t mess around – it’s for real! If you haven’t been trying it, give it a go. During my divorce, I was the wealthiest I’d been in 20 years (see Leaving the Narcissist Before Life Leaves You Behind) simply by using the laws of prosperity. Susie Orman says that you can see people’s ill health in their money and cash flow problems first because money has nowhere to hide an energy imbalance. WOW!

I’ve tried, unsuccessfully I might add, to make myself small to fit inside other people’s boxes. I try to keep my opinion to myself, my mouth shut, my beauty hidden, my intellect quiet, but it never works. So forget  trying to fit my larger self into a smaller box. Both men I’ve been married to claim/claimed to love and support me but every big idea has been met with serious trepidation so I’m keeping these ideas to myself from now on until it’s too late to turn back. If small thinking is working for everyone else- great-have at it. I’m moving on.

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Finding Enlightenment in the Age of WalMart Organics

…the name of my book no doubt, and the story of my life.

yoga group forest bwI live in a 3rd ring suburb of Minneapolis US, where hanging laundry on the line, and shopping for organics is….we’ll say…out of the ordinary. My home is on a wooded lot, and since I’ve lived here 18 years, very comfortable by my standards. By any standards really. And I work hard to walk my talk, to make ends meet, and sustain a meditative practice. But the culture we live, the communities we’ve created in this country anyway, seem to thwart efforts to make enlightened choices.

Life in this country has become a series of crazy-making observations. Why do multi national conglomerates care to own some of the, formerly anyway, best whole food options in the world? Why do clothing companies that offer organic fabrics have goods made in 3rd world countries by children? And why can’t the populous see that voting with their almighty dollar is really the only way a singular human can impact outcomes? It isn’t possible to reject the capitalistic world entirely but it’s a struggle to maintain any type of balance in it’s midst.

And then there are my own expectations.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been an overachiever…super-wife, mom, teacher, daughter, artist. And now I’m trying to be a super single working mom of 3 kids.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m misunderstood in this culture…just have to search hard to find community. I remember being relieved when I was reminded that my community isn’t necessarily the folks next door, or the ones at the grocery store. Your community of people share your values and beliefs…those that don’t shop at WalMart, even though they sell organics.


This spiritual wandering isn’t an easy journey, but at least, long before I knew I had chosen the path less traveled, I had heard many times to turn back unless I was prepared for complete upheaval in my life. I often feel frustrated that the places I shop, my beliefs, my preferences in holistic care, composting my food scraps, avoiding salt on my driveway in the winter, etc., all require an explanation. And as my own kids lament that our family is “different”, I knew even as a child that I was marching to the beat of a different drummer.

But at the same time, it’s important to remember that we are all woven from the same cloth. Most of us struggle for balance in our lives, we toil for a better world, we all want some peace. The global village is not so large, and it needs the energy of each one of us to thrive.

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Is This A Mid-Life Crisis??

Yoga waterI awoke this morning to a twitching lip…seriously. And rather than wonder what strange, mysterious trick my body was now playing on me, my mind went straight for the ailments of muscle abnormalities (to the extent of my very limited knowledge, that is). And of course from there, I can no longer work, am bored to distraction- voila! I’m parked in a nursing home for the rest of my hopefully limited days. And damn, I haven’t figured out yet how I’m ending it all. Unprepared again!! Continue reading

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The Accidental Dance Teacher

Honestly, I worry about the continuance of dance as an art form in this country, about the ignorance of adults who pay for training from unqualified instructors, and the sight of small children on stage shaking their bodies in midriffs and boas like strippers. Seriously, a little perspective here from parents would go a long, long way!  Continue reading

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Nine Things More Important than Capital by Jim Rohn

When starting any enterprise or business, whether it is full-time or part-time, we all know the value of having plenty of capital (money). But I bet we both know or at least have heard of people who started with no capital who went on to make fortunes. How? You may ask.

Well, I believe there are actually some things that are more valuable than capital that can lead to your entrepreneurial success. Let me give you the list.

Continue reading

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Living With Less As A Way Of Life- more than a dozen tips

As a life-long, self-employed artist and teacher, there are so many reasons I should be living like a pauper, except that I have been both lucky and maybe clever. My neighbors think I’m a kook no doubt, and I’m sure my friends are mystified, but I have lived large by knowing what I can and cannot live without. And I track every dime I spend! But that’s another post. Here goes:

  • Perhaps I’m the only one who’ll tell you – it’s not clipping coupons! The food they issue coupons for is the lowest quality, highest priced processed ‘food’ available. Your time is better spent elsewhere unless you must. Continue reading
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