Ten Ways To Avoid A Tax Audit

money dogYah! It’s that time of the year again where, for a short time, all Americans are united in their distaste for filing these forms that pay for our freedoms. Sure, you can find those who go one step further and believe we shouldn’t pay at all. Most of them live in states where they pay no personal income tax and their educational levels are a testimony to that!! Or better yet, people like the Minnesota snowbirds who live in those above states just long enough (6 months and 1 day) to claim residency but still get all of the services as those who pay our way do. They think themselves clever. The rest of us Continue reading

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Life’s Three Essential Questions


threeThe filter in which we run all our decisions thru….. the yardstick we measure our success by… the thought process that enables us to formulate responses to some of life’s most difficult decisions… what does your process look like for you? How do you know you’re making the best possible decisions? When do you know you’ve said what you needed to? Where do you draw the line when ethics are involved? Ultimately, it may determine if you can comfortably look at your reflection in the mirror although at the end of each day, many of us answer to a higher power that keeps us on our toes. But it helps to have a toolbox nonetheless. If the quality of your life is indeed based on the quality of your decisions, read on! Ask yourself:


▪   Does this decision/action fit my values? Does it reflect who I am?


▪   Does this empower me to be a better person? Will it energize my soul?


▪   Can I be proud of my actions/decisions around this subject?


So whether it’s which grocery retailer to be loyal to, what car to buy, or whether we’ll toss the recyclable can or bring it home to recycle, run the questions and sleep better at night.
In Reaching Our Highest Potential https://zendances.wordpress.com/?s=reaching+our+highest+potential,  as well as Disasters Big and Small https://zendances.wordpress.com/?s=disasters+big+and+small – we saw that although potential is determined by the collective of all of our decisions, ultimately our goal includes accepting our behavior as we’ll see it in the rearview mirror. Years from now, or tomorrow when the consequences of today’s decisions need answering to, we’d like to say “I made the best decision possible in that situation”.


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"my friends, the enemy…"

..a famous quote by the Dali Lama, referring to the oppressor of the Tibetan people, the Chinese government. The point at hand, of course, is that our teachers often present themselves in the most unlikely forms. Sometimes it’s with a gentle nudge, and then there’s the club.  Continue reading

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15 Reasons To Start A Meditation Practice

For years, I talked of beginning a meditation practice. I figured it wasn’t anything to plan ahead for- I had heard that once you start down a spiritual path, there’s no going back. Wasn’t sure what that meant but it was too late anyway. By the time you read that phrase, such as now, you’re already a committed seeker.

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In Meditation, 6 Rules About No Rules

So it’s been almost 19 years that I’ve been meditating, and I’m still in my closet. Literally folks. When I went searching for a place that was quiet, felt safe, had a door to hide away from the chaos of the kids and family, bingo! This was a no-brainer. And over the years, I’ve tried to acclimate to a ‘proper’ meditation spot, but nothing else fits the bill. Continue reading

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The Power of the Desert

There is this strange, rather surreal feeling I get when I think of returning to the southwest that I can’t really explain. It’s as if the power and mysticism of the desert scares me a little bit, perhaps because I came of age there. I know it is no longer the place of my youth since so much has changed, yet when I return, I feel haunted by a feeling it will never let me go.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Perhaps this was a lesson I just didn’t learn well enough in kindergarten, but I find myself struggling now with the same concept..all these years later. So let my lessons guide you

  • accept that decisions made by others that you have no control over, may dictate that    you will not get your way
  • don’t stew and become angry, adults should be beyond temper tantrums
  • stop distressing/ boring those around you with your verbosity on the subject Continue reading
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